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What countries do you support?
Message Post is worldwide! We can send/receive messages to/from any country on the planet. Let us know which countries you're interested in and the volume, and we'll get you some extremely competitive...
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What types of messaging do you support?
We support both SMS, RCS, and MMS messaging worldwide, via short code, long code and toll free numbers.  We also support branded messaging.     
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What is branded messaging?
Branded messages have your company logo and tagline present on messages you send to customers. This has two important benefits:   1. Visibility - Branded messages stand-out in a consumer's messaging i...
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How do I know if my messages I send are received by the consumer?
MessagePost knows whether each message is successfully delivered to the recipient, and we make this information available to our customers via the "reports" on our web interface.   
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How do I send messages via MessagePost?
Messages can be sent using our easy-to-use RESTful API, or with our email-to-SMS and email-to-MMS gateway.      You can get more information on both of these here:    
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